The Labyrinth Aquarium for $6500 is one luxurious home for fish

These days, many people splurge on aquariums not because they love fish but because aquariums make for beautiful pieces of décor. So whether you are a genuine fish lover or are just looking for an eye-catching centerpiece, the Labyrinth Aquarium is sure to impress you. The design with little circular compartments connected by passageways is sure to add a unique touch to your décor. Besides, your fish will also have more space to move about. This unique aquarium will surely be the centerpiece of your living space. The tables are produced in cherry, black, or carbon fiber and smartly conceal the rare filtration and lighting components. (table optional)

However, the complicated structure is definitely not coming cheap. Priced at $6500, this aquarium is a luxury only the opulent few can afford. And surprisingly not, it sells at a shop known as Opulent Items.

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