The LitraCube Lamp is available for just $770!

Wow! That’s the word that will come to your mind as soon as you set your eyes on the beautiful The LitraCube lamp! It’s a lamp all right but whoever said that lams cant be beautiful? This one is for sure! Creativity coupled with a modern sense of style! It is made of four concrete blocks with a lightbulb in the middle and it is not just all that simple guys. It uses Litracon (light transmitting concrete) which is normal concrete with thousands of parallel optical fibers embedded into it. The strength of the concrete is unaffected, and the fibers pass light and color straight through the blocks.

While you would undoubtedly suffer a stroke if you had to buy a square meter of this, which would be around 25mm thick and would cost you nothing less than $1000; be glad that you can get this gorgeous lamp for just $770.