The Luxury Bach cocktail Cabinet and Baloon Lounge Chair By Armani Casa

Giorgio Armani’s furniture line- the Armani Casa is sure to transform your home into a classy designer pad. And to help you achieve this look are their latest designs, the Luxury Bach Cocktail Cabinet and the Baloon Lounge Chair. The rich and classy cabinet is a fine piece of contemporary art and style. The four front doors of this luxury cabinet open to reveal four interior compartments, each finished in rich red fabric and lined with shelves for glasses and bottles and other bar accessories. The cabinet has stylish textured doors with stripes at 45-degree angles and is finished with a classy effect of glossy black lacquered wood. While the 1930s inspired Baloon lounge chair comes clad in bi-elastic fabric with two color options (black or brown), and a black nickel-plated iron base.

The baloon chair surely doesn’t lag behind in contemporary style with its unique pipe shaped cushions that guarantee to find a place in every home. Both these designs are made in Italy and are sure to give your homes that classy look. The luxury cabinet measures at 120x 44x 135h cm while the Lounge chair measures 87x90x60h cm. Go ahead; give your homes a touch of luxury with these retro yet contemporary furniture designs.

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