The Ottoman Bench turns your exercise equipment into home décor

Having a home gym setup is easy for those who can afford to evacuate a whole room of the house, but what about those who own a 3 bedroom apartment? The only answer to this question could be creating equipment that is designed to blend in with the décor. A perfect exemplar of this design challenge is Gabriel Prero’s Otto-bench that is a design concept as of now. The Otto-Bench screens an adjustable bench with an Olympic press free weights in a stylish Ottoman. It certainly doesn’t promise you the variety that a commercial gym offers, but it sticks to simplicity and offers a good set of basics. There are quite a few manufacturers who aim to create prodigious equipment by cramming too many functions in one and eventually making it complicated & impractical to use.

It even won a design competition put on by Life Fitness if that could be attributed as a testimony of success of this design concept.

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