The Roman & Williams Work Station retains exclusivity for $44,000

I like designs that are out of the ordinary, yet fit into your home décor with ease, more so when I have to do up my work desk at home. It’s bad enough to get work home, doesn’t mean that the place needs to be dry and dull. And something perfect and exclusive is out as a part of the McMasterpieces show for ICFF 2011, from Roman & Williams. Set in Brass, steel, lead, and rubber, this one-off workstation includes a “Leaden Table,” “Schopfung Stool,” “Snorker Lamp,” and “Heavy-ass Shelf.” To be retailed as a single unit, the pieces are reminiscent of the maker’s “signature element of fantasy and whimsy.” This is the first time Roman & Williams have created stand-alone work of art that is not linked to a specific interior project.

The set features the Leaden Table, which is 24 inches wide; 24 inches deep, and 30 inches tall, the Schopfung Stool that sports a 15.75-inch Base Diameter, 14-inch Seat Diameter and 20.5-inch seat, 13.5 inches wide, 11 inches high Snorker Lamp with a 5-inch Base Diameter and a 22 inches wide, 11.5 inches deep, 16.25 inches high Heavy-ass Shelf. The set is priced at $44,000.

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