The Saporiti Luxury Tower is the most luxurious fortress for your mementos

I love collecting keepsakes; they usually bring back special memories for me. But if you find them accumulating and need a better way to present your collection, the Saporiti Luxury Towers. First launched at the Saporiti Design Award Exhibition, the tower bagged the Ministry of Design award for the “most luxurious fortress” and is now all set to go retail. The tower is said to draw inspiration from the Shakespeare ‘All the World’s a Stage’ poem wherein each of the boxes in the tower stands for the different life stages, and you can keep items dated to that part of your existence.

At the base you can see a simple pinewood case that marks the “Infant” stage and ends with “Pantaloon,” the end of life as we know it, with a “fossilized” timber component that ends it with the right amount of grandeur. These towers are set in one metal frame each that creates lifetime of memories, quite literally.
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