Karim Rashid’s Soundwave Flo wall panels shun the noise with style

A great way to transform your home into a stylish abode depicting your mood and personality is by changing the tiles. And if you are the type who likes to have some time alone without any disturbance or noise, the right kind of sound proof panels are a must. But it is very rare to find sound proof panels that are designed to match your interior’s requirements. So have a look at the Soundwave Flo wall panels designed by Karim Rashid for the Swedish furniture company Offecct that promise to do justice to your needs. Made out of molded recyclable polyester fiber, these panels are definitely awesome. Designed to help reduce disturbing reflections of the outside environment, the lightweight sound absorbers will dampen any frequency beyond 500 Hz.

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But the best part is that you can just stick these blocks on without having to get them fixed! Ideal for any room of your home, these tiles promise to not disappoint. Available in four different shades ranging from hot fuchsia to plain white, these panels promise to transform your room into a trendy yet classy zone.
These panels are definitely the most stylish way to get some peace and quiet.

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