Therese Chandelier for adds life to the ambience

This enchanting piece of light fixture is just what the sophisticated décor of your living room might be missing on. Dubbed as Therese, its silhouette is traditional, but its construction isn’t. Created out of 16 transparent contours which are illuminated by a special mini fluorescent bulb, it is an ideal unification of traditional designs with a modern twist. Churned out by designer Buro Vormkrijgers, this lamp ensues the floor-lamp Josephine and table-lamp Marie-Louise from the same mind. All in all this one truly revitalizes the traditional ambient lamp.

The fixture turns into a lamp due to the emission of the soft magic glow in its body. With its easy-to-handle escalating system, the cleaning doesn’t seem a task but a joyful activity. The spectrum of light can be tailored with 8 different color filters. It carries a tag of US$2,200.
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