Time Table reminds you of good times, quite literally!

Are you generally pressed for time and end up a long time at your dining table then you intended? While a watch or timepiece is extremely viable and a desirable option, it might stare at you right in the face to remind you that you are late for appointments. So are you looking for better options? Then you’ve ended up in the right place! The Brit furniture makers Linley have come up with a novel yet brilliant idea to keep you on your toes. Aptly dubbed as the Time Table, this beautiful rosewood table has a stunning yet unusual tabletop. It is an acrylic clock dial that can be illuminated, but the surface is made keeping in mind the normal usage of a table.

And if you look at the design, it resembles a huge wristwatch and has two hidden drawers in the hollows for good measure! All this for a whopping $31,175, but the idea and the output rightly deserve it.

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