Tinker Bell from Swarovski for a fairytale lover

This one is for those who cannot give up their fascination for fairytales and their characters irrespective of age. Just hope that the ‘Peter’ of your life professes his love to you with this Limited Edition Tinker Bell from Swarovski. Hypothetically Disney’s Tinker Bell can make it possible for others to fly, by sprinkling them with fairy dust. But if your love life is about to take off or is already roaring then add more glamorous fun to it with this latest offering. Her body is in fully faceted clear crystal with un-faceted head, arms, and legs. The wings are faceted in Blue Aurora Borealis crystal.

You can also look for a Star-shaped Tinker Bell title plaque. Designed by Edith Mair, you can pick it up from the site for $300.