Trampoline Coffee Table – get elevated with coffee.

Trampoline being a gymnastic and a recreational device would have never been considered for home décor until you come across this Trampoline Coffee Table, designed by Alberto Bonomi. Now enjoy your cup of coffee without worrying about spilling it whilst using a trampoline. The unique novelty of this table is the trampoline that sits right in the middle of it, taking up 28.25” of diameter within the table.

Made with 3/4″ walnut veneer plywood with a waxed oil finish, the exquisite handmade cast urethane light can be moved among three low volts (12v) electrical contact points around the edge. The walnut-veneer finish actually looks nice next to the polyethene waterproof fabric of the trampoline cover. With a diameter 50″, the table stands 14.5” in height. This innovative exquisitely designed table is pricey at $4500.

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