Tulip: A stunning eco-friendly fire place from Biofireplace

Bio fire places are a personal favorite, as they look great, and help you reduce your carbon foot print too! And in the race to build the most modern and chic of fireplaces, Italy based Biofireplace is out with the Tulip bio fireplace. Crafted from thermoformed DuPont Corian, designed by Matteo Ragni, the fireplace will appeal to all with its bold manly feel combined with soft female touch. It features a thin stem-style base making way for a firebox on top.

Powered by bioethanol, the fireplace doesn’t create any smoke or ash. Perfect for a minimalist set up that has no chimneys. You can opt for a freestanding, suspended, floor- or wall-mounted model. The prices start at €4,300 ($5,640).

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