Turn your DNA into spectacular wall art

We like to leave our footprints and individuality in every sphere of our lives. In that, it only makes sense to turn your house into a live memoir of you and your loved ones. DNA Art US, the company that introduced DNA wall fixtures, has introduced a few more products as a refinement to its already ingenious concept. The company uses high-quality acrylic, canvas, and metal materials to create beautiful wall art in a wide range of custom styles and sizes. The DNA of one, two, or four people can be depicted on a single canvas.

DNA Art US has about 25 different designs to choose from in two options- zoom and original. Customers also have the option of adding their signature to the finished image. The minimalistic DNA wall art is ideal for display in homes and professional environments. The prices for the acrylic versions start at $725, while the others are for $500.

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