Villari’s Swarovski studded platinum elephant to deliver good luck this season

Look up. Isn’t it adorable? It’s in fact more than that, it’s exquisitely attractive and a piece that you’d want to own, the big sum of pay notwithstanding. Call it the lure of porcelain, wild life figures or simply the ingenuity of the hands at Villari. The Italian design house has vowed to impress, even stun us with its every offering. And they do so again, with the large platinum elephant piece. Standing 55cm tall (yeah it’s large by the pigmy jungle standard) this artistically bright piece is made of finest platinum porcelain and dressed in glittering Swarovski gems, epitomising the lavishness of a life of luxury. Retailing at an awesome $38,100, it’s a perfect gift for someone you really love!

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