Visionaire to rip you off your $150,000 for first 50 issues!

Reading is a very good hobby, at least better than being a couch potato. But never would you have thought that your reading habits ( reading fashion magazines is also reading guys!) could cost you a bomb that would annihilate your pocket. $150,000. Yes, that’s how much Visionaire magazine is charging for a special Goyard trunk designed for its collectors and also offers 10 complete sets of its first 50 issues in the Goyard trunks. It makes me laugh considering that Visionaire’s individual issues are typically priced between $150 and $350. So even if you buy 50 of those they shouldn’t cost you more than $7500 to $17500. I guess that’s the price you pay for antiquity. The lofty price tag for a collection of “magazines” is the result of multiple factors, including Visionaire’s increasing collectability, as well as trends in the luxury goods market, which continues to hit ever-higher price points.

The customized steamer trunks, assembled by hand, will have shelves and insets specially designed for all 50 issues.Collectors will also be offered the option of buying empty trunks for $54,000 that they can customize. But it is still staggering at that price and with those looks god save them. This may work for you if you are a bibliophile and a rich fashionista!

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