Vi-Spring Sleep charged at $48,000

Gone are the days, when late at work formed a reason of bad night sleep. Introducing Vi-Spring Beds, whose tagline- uncompromising on good night sleep and fit best to their word. Vi-Spring launched the latest Monarch mattress exclusively at Harrods that mesmerizes you with its detailed craft and hand-sewn fabric. With 3,420 springs, the bed provides excellent support and cushion-like comfort for a pricey indulgence. The Monarch mattress is filled with only the finest natural materials such as cashmere, mohair, lambswool and bamboo fibers. One top of all is the design of the bed that fits amazingly in any ambience of the house.

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Every Vi-spring bed is to be ordered and with a hefty price tag of £24,275 (about US$48,000) for a six-foot (182 cm) double divan set, this is only for those who believe in the ultimate luxury.