Vita Horizontal Dresser with six drawers

If you are tired of the clutter and need a place (that looks elegant too) to put things, then you must get this Vita Horizontal Dresser. These kinds of large chests and cabinets have been a part of Oriental furniture designs for hundreds of years. Add a touch of this oriental culture to your room as well as get more organized with your stuff. The dresser is built using challenging mitered dovetail joints and double-fluted tenons. Half-blind dovetails to join the ash drawer interiors to solid cherry fronts and are set flush with the front of the case. A full-paneled back ensures that the dresser can be pushed against the wall or be just as pleasing as a freestanding piece, depending on your need.

The Vita Horizontal Dresser with six drawers retails for $5,800. You can also opt for the 3 or 9 drawer Dresser too.