Whaletone piano by Robert Majkut mesmerizes with music as well as form

In the words of the designer, whales produce romantic calls which are ‘charming, majestic, delicate and melodious’ and those who have heard these gigantic water mammals may not entirely disagree. Robert Majkut was so inspired by the beauty of this animal in a dream he had one night that he used his creative prowess to design a stunning piano – the Whaletone – an instrument of perfection, a universe of infinite musical possibilities. The instrument is an advanced digital stage piano that combines high-end musical components with exquisite beauty.

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The piano comes in stunning colors and if you aren’t a fan of Lady Gaga and have your brains more connected to earth, then you would avoid spoiling the instrument’s aesthetic beauty by choosing the shock pink and instead go for the legendary black beauty. The price is available on its website through enquire only.
[Gizmodo] Via – [Whaletone]

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