Whimsical Gilt-Metal Chandelier from M.S. antiques is breathtaking

If you love to adorn your home with unique antiques, it’s time you take a look at the Whimsical Gilt-Metal Chandelier from M.S. antiques. This beauty created in the manner of Baguès is definitely a class apart. Made in France and dating back to the 1930s, this chandelier stands out because of its unique shape and design. Shaped like a three-masted ship, this piece is definitely extraordinary. Made from gilt metal faceted glass, this beautiful structure is adorned with various faceted beads, stars, and chains and is fitted with six lamps. Promising to become the centerpiece of any room, this structure is just breathtaking.

Measuring 109.22 cm (3 ft. 7 in.) in height, 35.56 cm (1 ft. 2 in.) in depth and 130.81 cm (4 ft. 3.5 in.) in width/length this beautiful lighting structure is available from M.S. Antiques located in Tarrytown, NY. Price is however available on request basis only.

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