Wisdom Tree bookshelf is trimmed with leather to hold your treasure

I am a self-confessed reading addict, and I can’t seem to let gadgets replace my precious books. This effectively means that I have a huge collection that I am finding difficult to display in a classy way. If you are in the same boat as me, then Jordi Mila has come to our rescue! The stunning Wisdom Tree structure created using wood and lacquered in acetate sports seven leather-covered supports holds all your bookish wisdom in style. You can place the tree in the middle of the room or confine it to a wall as well.

The elegant and arty shelf that celebrates the “unexpected shapes of blooming nature” is available in three hues: red, white and black. The structure is 47.63-inch wide, 77.55-inch high, and 10.02-inch deep. The bookshelf is priced at $4,350.
[Available here via Beautiful life]

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