With the AquaVista Aquarium mount your fish tank on your wall!

Watching fishes moving is soothing and relaxing, but it is also known to cure many ailments. So if you need the fishes but without the maintenance, now is your chance—the new AquaVista 500 is here and in two versions: one featuring 20 and another 25 gallons. The 6inch deep tank can be the perfect house for all your fishes, and it comes with an automatic feeder, filtration, heater, air pump, light, and a touch screen control panel! Equipped with two mounting brackets crafted in steel, you can hang your aquarium just like you would place your flat-screen TV.

Apart from the gallon size, the tank is available in two widths, i.e. 5feet and 6feet and two color variants black and silver.
[Gizmodo And Unplggd]

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