World’s only Counterbalanced Turntable priced at $28,000

If you treasure your vinyl record collection and enjoy your music in a traditional system, Hammacher introduces to you the world’s only Counterbalanced Turntable, the only suspended turntable that relies on the wonders of dual counter-rotating platters eliminating the disruptive sound -fuzz. It

provides the lowest noise floor among turntables available which is the reason it has been accoladed with the Best Sound High Fidelity award by Munich High End which is the largest high-end audio show in the world

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It has three platforms, silicone/Viton O-rings, twin plinths made of a material that does not transfer sound, and a machined aluminum platter. While the top spins clockwise, the bottom spins counterclockwise to cancel anything that may hinder your tunes.
Audiophiles can have this smooth tune player from Hammacher for $28,000.

[Via – Hammacher]

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