World’s most expensive stuffed panda furniture: Banquette chair

Folks obsessed with soft toys like a cute little Panda must have at one point of time felt like stacking up a whole bunch of them and taking a quick snooze over them. The Banquette chair by well-known artists Fernando and Humberto Campana is the answer to your prayers. But it also has to potential to get irretrievably disorganized, which is why you can’t think of placing your favorite soft toy stack up a chair in the living room. Campanas are well-known artists and hence till chair sells in limited edition, but if you check out your nearest toy store at once, you might be lucky to get your hands on the Banquette chair.

No one could have possibly guessed the price of the Banquette chair with Pandas. At $75,000, it stands to be world’s most expensive stuffed Panda furniture.