Zehnder Dualis radiators- radiating aesthetics!

Dualis and Dualis Plus have come out with their Zehnder Dualis radiators. Going by the pictures you can very well make out that it is everything you never expected a radiator to be. It ‘radiates’ great designing coupled with complimenting texturing, a new shape rather unusual for a radiator but no one is complaining. The only thing I don’t dig, are all the weird names but as Shakespeare said, what’s in a name? He must have put some thought on it before making that statement. With their very attention-grabbing design Zehnder Radiators are available in even more eye-catching colours like red, yellow, and green, blue and for the subtle species in neutral shades of black and silver.

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This masterpiece radiator is the innovation of Milanese designers Perry King and Santiago Miranda. It’s groundbreaking in terms of aesthetics and function and forces you to believe that everything that looks good doesn’t necessarily have to be dumb! And anyways it’s a radiator not a blond! Get one for the sake of stylish interiors!

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