2014 Audi A8L facelift rolled out in India at Rs 1.1Cr

audi-a8LThe newly updated Audi A8L features the best in both luxury and technology and there in no doubt that it is one the best top-end automobile in the world currently. Audi rolled out the 2014 A8L for the Indian market on Sunday with huge fanfare and the German Automaker chose Dubai for the launch event. Audi flew in 150 people including prospective buyers and select auto journalists to Dubai for the exotic launch ceremony which took place at the world’s tallest building and even Nicolas Cage made a guest appearance. “The new Audi A8L offers luxury connoisseurs in India excellent comfort, superb craftsmanship, strict lightweight construction and a broad portfolio of high-end technologies,” said Joe King, Audi India head.

The new Audi A8L features quite a few changes from the last version which are mostly cosmetic, but the most prominent feature of the new model is the amazing Matrix LED headlights which come as an optional extra. The innovative Audi Matrix LED system is truly amazing and is capable to track vehicles in front and adjust its high-beam light in such a way that it illuminates the road without blinding other drivers. Other changes include plusher interiors, slightly improved exterior styling and a price-tag that will leave the competitors worried. The base variant of the Audi’s flagship model has been priced at Rs 1.12cr (ex-showroom Delhi) and Rs 1.14cr (ex-showroom Maharashtra) which makes it significantly lower than the Mercedes S-Class which has a starting price of Rs 1.57cr (ex-Mumbai). The luxury car also comes with huge customisation options and Audi offers as many as 100 exterior colours, 23 interior shades and 12 wood insert options for buyers to personalize the Audi A8. Like the out-going model, the new Audi A8L is being imported to India via the CBU (Completely Built Unit) and is now available at all Audi dealerships across India.

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