Epique’s new premium skincare range to be launched at Ambiance Mall

epique-12To tackle the frighteningly large number of skincare woes that come with turning 30, the internationally-acclaimed beauty brand Epique (owned by the 75 year old Alchem International) has launched a premium skincare range designed specifically for mature skin. Alchem International are pioneers in the field of phytochemicals thus, what sets Epique’s range apart from its contemporaries, is its ample inclusion of ‘Phyto-Concentrates’ in its products. These ‘Phyto-Concentrates’ have been developed after extensive research by EpiqueLabs in Switzerland and are basically just concentrated molecular extracts of medicinal plants and herbs from around the globe.

epique-13These skin-loving natural derivatives much to our relief are hugely beneficial for reversing the dreaded aging process – they act on an intra-cellular level and are able to enhance the skin’s ability to heal, regenerate and restore its beauty from within. Moreover, the presence of these ‘Phyto-Concentrates’ in Epique products are also the sole reason why their entire collection is able to be so big on efficacy without being hard on the skin. Also, several rigorous clinical trials and testing of each formulation have ensured that the Epique range maintains global safety and quality benchmarks which have in turned earned the brand several long term collaborations with leading pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical brands from across the globe.

epique-posterEpique products are available at the brand’s boutiques, which are located in some of the most premium locations in New Delhi. The Epique outlet at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj is the brand’s flagship store and has been purposefully designed in a minimalistic, understated chic fashion to appeal to its target customer – the intelligent, sophisticated woman of the world. Also, well-trained skincare experts have also been posted at all of the Epique stores. The experts, after conducting a careful analysis of each customer’s skin (using cutting edge testing technology of course!) recommend to them products which are best suited to their individual needs.

epique-11The almost miraculous skincare range includes intensive revitalising eye cream, intensive regenerating night cream, advanced balancing day cream, active regenerating day cream, oil-free cleansing & make-up remover wipes, advanced UV protection cream, intensive luminescence cream and sculpting and firming cream. Regular and early use of these products will result in healthy glowing skin which is unaffected by time. Products are available in elegant silver and white 15ml and 50ml user-friendly bottles and are priced in the Rs. 2500 – Rs. 4000 range. Epique products can also be purchased online at www.myepique.com.

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