Exclusive unveiling: Preferred Hotel Group rebrands to Preferred Hotels & Resorts, at Le Cirque New Delhi

preferred-hotels-resortsIf last week’s Le Cirque luncheon is anything to go by, the then rebranded, Preferred Hotels & Resorts is going to be fastidious, elegant, unforgettable. The company, formerly, Preferred Hotel Group, combined its many brands to form one master brand. Enter, new website, www.PreferredHotels.com and new #thePreferredLife.

preferred-hotels-resorts-1From fly ads to hash tags
The world’s largest independent hotel brand first became popular amongst discerning travellers with witty print ads. Now they’re offering the generation of choice ability to browse and book stays at 650 hotels, resorts, and luxury residences represented within the Preferred Hotels & Resorts portfolio via a new brand website. And mark their experiences at those with the new hash tag.

preferred-hotels-resorts-2“Common. And Preferred.”
Through its five global collections – Legend, LVX, Lifestyle, Connect, and Preferred Residences – Preferred Hotels & Resorts connects discerning travelers to the singular luxury hospitality experience that meets their needs and life and style preferences for each occasion. Travelers can also search for a hotel by other preferences such as hotel name, experience, location and price point.

The Leela Palace New Delhi, a Preferred Hotels & Resorts Legend property
The Leela Palace New Delhi, a Preferred Hotels & Resorts Legend property

To further enhance their independent hotel experience, travelers can enroll in the iPrefer guest loyalty program, which rewards members with points redeemable for free nights and other expenditures, elite status, and special benefits such as complimentary Internet upon every eligible stay at more than 550 participating properties worldwide.

(L to R)- Ms. Lindsey Ueberroth & Mr. Saurabh Rai
(L to R)- Ms. Lindsey Ueberroth & Mr. Saurabh Rai

It’s a big world. What do you prefer?
“Our new branding empowers today’s dynamic travelers to determine exactly what will make each trip feel luxurious, expanding the definition of luxury travel beyond the confines of traditional perceptions such as white gloves or stars,” said President & CEO, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Lindsey Ueberroth. By 2018, the Company will represent 100+ countries and 1000+ hotels, she resolved.

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