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zehenMost of us will have seen the ‘No Shape December’ meme that’s been doing the rounds (and ominously so) of the Internet. But even if you have all the reasons to succumb this festive season, trust us when we say this, at Zehen one boot camp will sort you out. The capital’s newest wellness haven, this neighbor to the much acclaimed Indian Accent combines fitness, relaxation and gourmet ‘diet’ cuisine, and all within driving distance.

Membership at Zehen is by invitation only. So there’s a facility to love. But this private members’ club located within The Manor also has a lot more to offer aside from this major aspect of exclusivity. According to the Wellness Director, Rachel Lowe Mukherji, Zehen is for urban folk who want the very best for their health and wellbeing. The club boasts a beautifully lit Activity Studio, an award-winning international salon, spa and a state of the art gym.

zehen-2Their spa also happens to be one of the rare few that are home to a Hydrotherapy Room, which offers the Watsu Water Massage besides endless swimming. New members are also treated to a series of consultations – The Zehen Circuit – where they meet the Medical Director, Ayurvedic Doctor and Nutritional Therapist besides getting a physical assessment by the Fitness Advisor that helps plan a bespoke exercise regimen.

In the interest of our core strength, we decided to enroll in the Pilates Boot Camp with fitness expert Vesna P Jacob. From planking to crunching to plain, on the spot jogging, everything went down leaving us in a pool of sweat. The room comfortably fits in about seven to ten people, so that means everyone gets one on one attention. Beginners needn’t boot camp it though as there are also less intensive sessions where you can stretch and tone without chancing any damage.

We ended our session in a healthy berry smoothie. But members can get a gourmet meal to go or dine in the members’ dining room. There’s very little else that would offer so much under one roof. Zehen is everything from gym to spa, to your ‘food for thought’ stop and even a place to work out of. And from what we hear, host to events such as musical soirees, poetry readings, walks, interactions with authors, artistes, fitness and wellness experts and workshops.

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