We indulge in Choko la’s Chocolate Making Session at the New Delhi Palate Festival

choko-laThis year, the capital witnessed what we’re hoping would become an annual (or since we are being wishful, monthly) tradition- New Delhi Palate Festival. Much as its name suggests, the three-day gastronomical extravaganza held at Nehru Park, was designed to please the city’s discerning palates, and lived up to its reputation. True to our own, we ventured right in on opening day and attended the divine Choko la Chocolate Making Session, with acclaimed Parisian chocolatier Christian Vautier in Fisher & Paykel kitchen.

choko-la-1Let’s just say, there’s little to critique when one of the city’s premium patisserie/ chocolateries is serving its finest selection, prepared fresh, no less. So, dark, milk and white buttons, the Hot Chocolate (made with the 70 % Choko la bar), the nuts-and-dry-fruits laden Moulded Milk Mendiants and the decadent Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart were enough to transport any chocolate lover straight to cocoa bean heaven.

choko-la-2The chosen man for the job was Parisian Chocolatier Chef Christian Vautier whose every accented enunciation of words like “amber”, “double boiler” and “cocoa butter” fell on a rapt audience during the demonstration. All in all, it was an evening punctuated with the wafting aroma of cocoa and sounds of frantic scribbling. And speaking of the latter, here’s something to help take care of any oncoming cravings (as well as season).

70% Hot Chocolate

To make 6 cups

1. CHOKO LA 70% Bars: 3 no’s
2. Milk: 700gms
3. Cream: 300gms

1. Break the Choko la 70% bar into pieces and put into a bowl
2. Pour in 3 parts the warm milk onto the chocolate, stirring as you go
3. Stir to fully combine all ingredients
4. Warm the combined mixture and serve

For the slightly more adventurous amongst us, we recommend spiking with a shot of your favorite spirit.

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