Jaipur Gems unveils ‘Princess of Samode’ Collection

Celebrated jewellers, Jaipur Gems unveiled their new exquisite collection called“Princess of Samode”. Over the past three decades, Jaipur Gems has become synonymous with classic and luxurious jewellery. And, now they are continuing the legacy with this new range.

The Princess of Samode collection features beautiful emerald earrings, diamond and emerald chokers, and more. It was designed to bring out the royalty that a Jaipur Gems piece of jewelry brings about. Other pieces from the campaign include a three-tier diamond necklace with an intricate ruby flower as a pendant, with matching ruby and diamond earrings. Also, an ornate peacock set on strands of pearls, with matching earrings. Jaipur Gems has intricately designed timeless designs with a contemporary twist. Essentially, though, the designs remain traditional and classic, with just a shadow of the modern-day style.

Jaipur Gems is known for creating TIMELESS TREASURES since 1974, creating jewels par excellence, keeping the Indian traditional art and design sensibility alive, with the use of unique techniques, ancient and contemporary. With several Bollywood stars choosing to wear Jaipur Gems on the red carpet, it seems as if the company has straddled this divide well.

[Via – Artinfo]

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