Review: Wednesday Wine Social at The Blue Bar, an evening of infusions and Parisian inspiration

blue-barThese days, there’s little not to love about the weather. And if you’re wondering where to head out on a Wednesday evening, keep reading. Everyone, at least everyone we know has been a ‘Blue Bar’ loyalist at one point or another. Located at Taj Palace Hotel in tony Chanakyapuri, it is accessible and it is chic and often known to be a favorite haunt of the who’s who of Delhi. Now with its latest property, Wednesday Wine Social, complete with competitive pricing and offers, this oldie but goodie is fast gaining on bars and pubs mushrooming in the city.

The Blue Bar’s edgy interior
The Blue Bar’s edgy interior
Open till late, especially on weekends (and we all know what ‘late’ stands for in New Delhi), The Blue Bar plays non-cheesy cross genre music and you’ll find it buzzing even as early as 7pm on Wednesdays. On evenings such as these, it doesn’t hurt to be chalk and cheese.

Large French style slate boards that announce evening specials and an eye catching cheese display together turn the timber alfresco deck, into something of a Parisian experience.

Overlooking lush lawns and the pool, this area offers you the choice of sinking into plush sofas or, for the more ‘social’ of us, using oversized barrels as tables. The interior, meanwhile, is a picture in white, metallic black and ox blood red, the highlight being its DJ console constructed at a height. The turnout, much as the ambience is smart, relaxed, eclectic.

The potent Prune Sezarac
The potent Prune Sezarac
Food & Drink
When it comes to bars, factors like “crowd” or “sound” any day trump food and drink. Even with that, The Blue Bar’s formidable drinks menu would find fans in patrons across all ages. “I don’t follow trends. I keep doing my own experiments”, says Joel Scholtens Lindsay, Mixologist at The Blue Bar and very clearly a man of action more than words, when we sit down with him before a tasting. So, you have the people pleasing Cosmopolitans that have made their way to popular watering holes across the capital. And then there’s the more refined breed that includes India Gold made with JW Gold Label and finished with Hoegaarden foam, the punnily christened Raisin the Plum, which is served with rum-soaked raisins on the side, and Prune Sezarac made with prune infused cognac, absinthe, homemade spice syrup, angostura bitters, orange bitters, with a lemon and orange twist (Joel’s personal favorite).

Counter to rustic cheese boards
Counter to rustic cheese boards
Each drink is served in style, in the glass and with garnishes that best represent it.

We also tried a buttery, peanut flavored shot among other innovative concoctions, all of which have made The Blue Bar our top go-to place for when we’re in the mood for crazy-good infusions.

Joel shares his future plans – creating ‘chutney’ cocktails for a yet-to-be-launched drinks menu at Masala Art, also a Taj Palace property, and adding warm, winter variants to menu at The Blue Bar menu. And there’s, of course wine, at great discounts on the Wednesday Wine Social that makes for a mid-week treat. Along with those come artfully paired and plated cheese and meat platters with just the bite-sized contents one needs for easy snacking and conversation.

The vegetarian Bento Box
The vegetarian Bento Box
Recommendations & Verdict
Any interesting sounding drink, you will not regret it. And wine for good deals.

While sharing platters perfectly play up the concept of Social, if you’re looking for some solo noshing, the Bento Box, in both veg and chicken, is absolutely delish.

Packed with spring rolls, stir-fry and Thai curry-rice fit for one, it is ideal to end the evening. Oh, and in case you don’t plan on clutching that Prune Sezarac roly poly and reveling in the winter chill all evening, you can find an extended (and fit-for-an-epicurean-King we hear) version of the box at Blue Ginger, neighbor/ sit-down sibling. And because we love puns so much, here’s the list of what went into one of our favorites from the evening.

Raisin the Plum
Raisin the Plum

Raisin-infused Angostura 1919 8-year old Rum
Plum Syrup
Lime Juice
Rum-soaked raisins, to serve with

Cocktails at Blue Bar start at – Rs850 + taxes
Wines on Wednesday Wine Socials start at – Rs250 per glass + taxes
Bento Box – Rs500 + taxes
Cheese platter – Rs750 + taxes
Sausage platter – Rs1250 + taxes

The Blue Bar – Taj Palace Hotel
Diplomatic Enclave,
Sardar Patel Marg,
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

The Luxe Factor Is

9 Food
9 Ambience
9 Service

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