20 year old Spalding x Supreme basketball resurfaces for $25,000

Last year’s Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration practically took over everything in its path and we couldn’t stop talking about it. While it’s certainly a partnership for the history books, it’s not the only collaboration that Supreme has participated in, in fact one piece of another high profile collab has recently resurfaced on the internet: a basketball created in partnership with Spalding.

The brands united for the project some 20 odd years ago, and created 70 red basketballs with that white Supreme logo. Now you can find one of the iconic basketballs for sale on Grailed with a price tag of – wait for it- $25,000.

While most of you will be rolling your eyes at this exorbitant asking price, Supreme fans are no strangers to astronomical price tags. The streetwear label has a legion of fans that will pay almost anything for their collectible items.


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