2013 Louis Vuitton Travel Books launched

From luxury merchandise to bespoke services, Louis Vuitton has always managed to thoroughly stand out from the crowd. A brand close to the hearts of many, Louis Vuitton has finally unveiled its much-awaited collection of Travel Books, in addition to its already existent City Guides.

Travel Book: Eastern Island

Louis Vuitton Easter Island Travel Book by Daniel Arsham

Louis Vuitton Easter Island Travel Book, P.9 Easter Island, Surfer. Illustrated by Daniel Arsham

Louis Vuitton Easter Island Travel Book, P.74 Easter Island, Rano Raraku Quarry. Illustrated by Daniel Arsham

It is an interesting blend between a travel journal and a sketchbook. Catering to four cities: Easter Island, London, Paris and New York, the books are artsy illustrations by renowned and young artists: Daniel Arsham, Natsko Seki, Cheri Samba and Jean-Philippe Delhomme respectively.

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Travel Book: London

Louis Vuitton Travel Book London by Natsko Seki

London, Bank Of England. Illustrated by Natsko Seki

London, Red Telephone Box. Illustrated by Natsko Seki

The Travel collection from Louis Vuitton can be pronounced as one that is new and fresh in its approach at depicting interesting nooks and corners of a city. Its bend towards the contemporary is what makes the collection a complete stand out, an intellectual and thought provoking attempt at engaging the its reader, providing them with a completely new perspective on the city they might have already visited.

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Travel Book: Paris

Louis Vuitton Travel Book Paris by Chéri Samba

Louis Vuitton Travel Book Paris, P120 Paris, Pont Neuf. Illustrated by Chéri Samba

Louis Vuitton Travel Book Paris, P114 Paris, Pont Des Arts. Illustrated by Chéri Samba

The book coaxes you on a journey that’s build up on the stories of the cities, its people, and their lives. And that’s via different forms of creative expressions as: drawing, painting, collage, contemporary art, illustration, cartoons or even manga.

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Travel Book: New York

Louis Vuitton Travel Book New York by Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Louis Vuitton Travel Book New York, Front Cover

Louis Vuitton Travel Book New York, P.123 New York, Shop In Hell’s Kitchen. Illustrated by Jean-Philippe Delhomme

After Easter Island, London, Paris and New York, Venice and Vietnam seem to be next in line with an expected release in 2014.

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