2015 Lacoste x Peanuts collection is classy and cute

We love how this sudden trend of sitcom-brand collaboration has caught on! After a roaring success of their partnership back in 2010, Peanuts and Lacoste have joined forces for yet another season. The archetypal and evergreen polo shirts crafted by the brand will now spot miniature graphics of your much-loved cartoons from the Peanuts series.

peanuts-x-lacoste 2
With the brand’s signature polo shirts in numerous palette options as well as a navy sweatshirt as a canvas, Lacoste has incorporated our favourite Peanuts’ characters to play with Lacoste’s usually motionless crocodile, having a little fun with playing catch, fishing, going on a walk, and visiting Snoopy’s doghouse.
peanuts-x-lacoste 3
Fortunately so, Lacoste’s signature polo shirt and navy sweatshirt will be available in sizes ranging from child to adult! The duo’s fall collection will be in stores this November.
peanuts-x-lacoste 4

peanuts-x-lacoste 5

[ Via : Freshnessmag ]

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