Our top 5 picks from the 2017 Christian Louboutin Holiday Gift Guide

Christian Louboutin is spreading the holiday cheer with a curated list of items for their gift guide. The list has everything from extravagant shoes and bags to some beloved beauty items. Everybody loves Louboutin and we’ve rounded up some exceptionally giftable items for all the wonderful people in your life.

For Mom: Paloma Handbag – $2,150
Some of Louboutin’s fanciful footwear may be a tad over the top for your mother, but she’s sure to love this elegant handbag in a punchy and festive red shade.

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For your little Brother: Loubikicks sneakers – $ 1,395
Your baby brother may be tough to shop for, but a snazzy pair of high tops is almost a surefire crowd pleaser among young men.

Your Best Girl Friend: Tres Frais – $945
She’s stuck with you through thick and thin so treat her to these slinky sandals that are are sexy as they are stylish!

For Dad: Bagdamon Document-Holder – $1,890
This neutral black bag is a perfect pick for dads who like to keep things low key. It’s smart and versatile but never boring!

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For You: So Kate – $675 or Dandelion Flat – $895
You’ve been good this year! So treat yourself to Louboutin’s classic pointy toed So Kate pumps in a delicious red suede that’s absolutely party ready.

Gentlemen readers, you’re not forgotten. Reach for the Dandelion flat which keeps things comfortable and interesting.

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