4 ways you can make you wardrobe more luxurious

Everyone is entitled to a little more luxury in their life, and there’s nothing like having a wardrobe of clothing that’s styled and tailored to suit your wants and needs. If you want to add a bit more luxury to your wardrobe, then here are some handy tips on what to have.

A Designer Bag
First and foremost, there’s no such thing as too many bags or too many shoes for that matter. After all, they’re both accessories that compliment an outfit, and so when you have multiple outfits that vary in color and design, you need to make sure the accessories match. A designer bag is certainly a luxury treat for your wardrobe and in comparison to other bags, the materials that designer bags are made out of are going to be more durable and made out of higher-quality and richer materials. A designer bag is very much an investment, and when you’re buying one, it’s going to last you for many years to come. As long as you take care to keep it clean and to also think about how much you are putting into the bag so that it stops it from weighing it down on the straps, it’ll be fine. Think about what designers are popular at the moment, and also whenever any limited edition items come out, they can be great investments, especially as they often increase in price because of their exclusivity.

Formal Attire
Everyone should feel smart and confident in what they wear, and certainly, there are a few items that are worth splashing out on to add to your collection. Suits for both men, and now more women are popular. They are often picked as an outfit that’s considered to be dressing up. Like this charcoal grey suit, for instance, or perhaps this as an option for the ladies. Whatever you end up getting, ensure you get it tailored personally to your body by a tailor. This adds to the look of the outfit if it’s hugging your shape in all the right places. Often suits can be a little too baggy, and some dresses can often fit in one place but then struggle to fit in another.

Treat yourself to a few formal pieces every so often, and that will help build your evening attire for those special events. You always want to look your best in these moments because they’re the ones that will provide you with the memories.

Statement Pieces
Statement pieces are those items in your wardrobe that make the outfit and is a direct reflection of your personality. Whether it’s a Viviene Westwood Blazer or gold plated earrings that stand out firmly from your ears. It has to be something that takes your outfit from one level to the next. It’s called a statement piece because it effectively makes a statement about you and what you’re wearing. Everyone should have a few statement pieces in their wardrobe, and if you haven’t, now is the perfect time to get some. Think about your current wardrobe and what you’ve got in there. Perhaps a Gucci belt will sinch in those outfits that don’t look as flattering as they could be. Try to get a handful of statement pieces to have in your collection and focus on centering all of your other ensemble pieces around the statement item.

Add More Tailored Items
Tailoring was touched on earlier, but it can make a dramatic effect on your wardrobe if you have more tailored pieces. Think about what’s currently in there and whether anything can be tailored. If not, then head down to your local tailoring shop and see what they have to offer and what services they can provide. They may recommend certain stores to buy from and which they can then easily tailor the items further to suit your preference. Be specific when it comes to tailoring and comment on as much of the outfit as possible in how it looks and feels to you when you’re in that adjustment session.

Adding more luxury to your wardrobe is necessary because clothing can bring a wave of confidence and a feeling of power. That’s something we might all need at some point in life, right?

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