6 Luxury Items You Should Have In Your Wardrobe

Sometimes, individuals may waste money by spending it on cheap things that don’t bring value to their life. However, these items don’t last long, don’t have resale value, and often end up in the rarely used section of your wardrobe or a donation box. Having luxury items in your wardrobe can help you boost your morale. You can use them to motivate yourself to do better in your job or business. An added benefit is that you will have an investment to resell later on if you ever need the money. So what are these luxury items that you should have in your wardrobe?

Cartier Tank Watch
Cartier is a luxury brand known for its classic and premium watches and jewelry pieces, and the Cartier Tank watch is a definite must-have. Not only is this watch a great investment, but it can also be an excellent way to upgrade your look in an instant. Did you know that owning one will include you in its list of ardent fans such as the late Princess Diana and former First Lady Michelle Obama?

Bulgari B.Zero1 Four-Band Ring
Bulgari’s B.Zero1 collection included the brand’s contemporary rendition of the Tubogas “gas pipe” collection from the 1970s. This four-band ring features an intricate design that showcases Italian craftsmanship rather than focusing on bedazzled pieces. Now, it is one of the most classic pieces from the fashion house.

Gucci Classic Swimwear
Gucci is a brand that has tons of luxurious products that you can choose from. One of their classic swimwear pieces would be a great addition to your wardrobe. They have tons of classics that range from vintage to chic. If you don’t want to invest money in Gucci swimwear, you can still benefit from getting a high-quality alternative like the ones you can get from Dainty Jewells. Sometimes, you just have to be creative when it comes to upgrading your look without spending too much, provided that the product you are buying is of top quality.

Manolo Blahnik Classic Shoes
If there is one thing in your wardrobe that you should invest in, it would be a classic pair of shoes that you can wear anywhere and anytime. The classic Manolo Blahniks can instantly lift your look even if you are wearing denim jeans. They are timeless pieces that bring sophistication to every look.

Hermes Birkin Bag
One of the items that women will say when asked about their dream bag is Hermes Birkin Bag. As many Birkin bag owners would say, no two Birkins are the same. That’s why even if there are tons of Birkin bags in the market, each one is special. Its soft leather and high-quality stitching can be an excellent investment. In fact, a Birkin bag is always pricier in the secondhand market because not everyone can get their hands on brand-new ones.

White Cotton Shirt
Perhaps the essential luxury item you can have in your wardrobe is a pure cotton white shirt that you can wear almost anywhere and anytime. It is something that you can mix and match with other items in your wardrobe. Adding some accessories or outwear over it can instantly upgrade your white cotton shirt to something luxurious.

Luxury can vary. It depends on how you define it. Sometimes, it is more than just buying branded items; but it can also be investing in quality items that can last a long time in your wardrobe.

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