7 French Retailers One Cant Afford To Miss in France

There are only two places in the world where we can live happy, at home and in Paris! This was said by someone who surely tasted everything wonderful France has to offer. With France celebrating Bastille Day or French National Day, in all their grandeur with the oldest and largest regular military parade in Europe, to commemorate the occasion, we too have decided to remember everything we love about France right from their culture, arts, fashion, food etc. We are focussing on one of the most talked about aspects of Paris- Shopping! What makes Paris a fashion favourite, is the plethora of great designers that belong here; this is also the worlds best shopping destination owing to its many fashion retailers, that will have you mentally tired and financially exhausted. Paris got its first retail store way back in the 1840s, with the arrival of the railroads in Paris and the increased number of shoppers they brought. This resulted in bigger stores, large plate glass display windows, fixed prices and price tags, and advertising in newspapers. Au Bon Marché is Paris’s oldest, most iconic store founded in 1838 that gave rise to a retail revolution never seen before. Their success inspired competitors, and Paris got her first Printemps in 1856. The nation took great pride in the glory brought by these great Parisian stores and we have enlisted a few that still manage to be what can be called, a true shoppers paradise.

7.Ekyog: When shopping in Paris, it is very easy to spend all your wealth, thats no surprise for anyone. But its always good to have some discounts and deals as not everyone looks for haute couture and luxury brands. Ekyog offers mid-range collections and has something in store for every fashionista. It is in fact the largest organic fashion brand in France. You will find a lot of these stores all around Paris, and you wont be disappointed. Ekyog stores have also opened up in UK and Barcelona.
6.Bonpoint: If dressing up little girls is like playing with dolls then this is where it should be done. The ultimate store when it comes to classy children-wear, Bonpoint is a brand to look up to. Not only are the collections to-die-for, their decor is something that deserves a special mention. Each of eight receptionrooms is imaginatively decorated with enchanting fairytale theme. You may also find a Bonpoint store in Madison Avenue, New York and revel in their clothing and skincare line for kids.
5. Colette: Tourists love Colette not just for their fantastic exhibit of fashion but for their style that never fails to charm you. This brick-and-click clothing and accessory retailer personifies a modern concept store thats here to stay. When in Colette, you will find three floors of fashion, style and trends apart from an exhibition centre, bookshop and a water bar that will quench your thirst with more than 100 brands of water. The basement floor houses the water bar folloed by ground floor that stores books, the Colette surprise bag, mens fashion, candles, watches, and other accessories. Top floor has everything high end; brands like YSL, Give:nchy and some niche luxury brands as well.
4.L’Eclaireur: This luxurious multibrand store is the place to go for cutting-edge fashion. If you have a love for anything unique, and niche then L’Eclaireur is the place for you. The boutique has celebrated 30 successful years in Paris and has four branches all over Paris. Whats interesting is, they keep changing their styles and no two L’Eclaireur stores keep repeated stock, so tourists should check each one of them. The stores offer everything from full sized, digital mirrors, to an exclusive all-mens store. Tourists never fail to visit their beautiful boutique inside the Royal Monceau Raffles hotel.
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3. Weill: This is one of the oldest and most sought after shopping destinations. Born in the district of Montmartre in Paris in 1892, today it stands as an amalgamation of refinement and modernity. At Weill, your mind will be blown away by the unending options they have to offer; when it comes to ready-to-wear this the fashion mecca. Weill has offered for more than a century elegance and style which remain intact with every changing season and renewed collections. Tourists can never go back without visiting one of France’s oldest fashion houses.
2. Printemps: Founded in 1865, this store is a one-stop-shop for everything related to beauty, lifestyle, fashion, accessories, and men’s wear. Today are other Printemps stores in Paris and throughout France. The store has opened branches outside France in locations including Andorra, the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Shanghai. Printemps recently celebrated its 150th anniversary and houses every brand imaginable. It is a big understatement to call Printemps a shopping destination, it is a lot more than that, nothing short of a historical monument. A panoramic terrace unveils what no other site can offer: an open, unobstructed view from the Opéra to the Madeleine, from the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre. Your trip to Paris is incomplete without a visit to Printemps.
1. Le Bon Marché: This is a number one in every sense. Not only is it holding numero uno position on this list, it is also Paris’ first department store built in 1852 by non other than Gustave Eiffel himself. This destination will make an impact on you like no other; fashion, food, homeware, books, art, culture and everything about this place is mesmerising in true Parisian style. Other than shopping till you drop, tourists can head here for some awesome bites too. Its glorious food hall, La Grande Épicerie de Paris is full of irresistible options that make the visit absolutely worth it. One can also make the most of their VIP services like personal stylists, valet parking.

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