A British brand is suing Versace for ripping off its logo

It would come as a surprise if we were ever to know that giants like Versace loan out inspiration from smaller and lesser known fashion labels. However, per recent news, the Italian marquee is not just musing but blatantly copying the logo and designs of other brands and it has lately been accused of doing so by an established British Company named No Fixed Abode.

The independent fashion label has filed a lawsuit against the luxury giant for using its ‘knocker’ emblem, that consists of a lion’s head with a ring in its mouth, across its clothing, accessories and footwear. It is claimed that Versace has used the label on a global scale and the lawsuit aims at exposing such of its deeds publicly. London based NFA, which primarily sells streetwear-inspired clothing and accessories has been using the staple lion faced logo since its birth in 2013. And it is now on a mission to claim its rightful dues from Versace.

According to NFA’s spokesperson, ‘This is not a one-off case. It is happening time and time again. It’s time we do something to protect artists’ rights around the world.’ The brand filed its complaint against Gianni Versace S.p.A. and Versace UK PLC at the High Court of Justice in February, after its owner first noticed the rip off while walking past a Versace store in 2016. Versace has also been accused of copying Canucks’ spaghetti-skate logo in the recent past. It’s about time Versace grows some creativity of its own!


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