A Chinese designer has created a Batman like Coronavirus body shield to protect against outbreaks

The chaos of coronavirus is far from over and the perils of mankind are as real as ever. We need in such times a superhero of sorts to save us from this threat. How about becoming your own superman or in the words of Chinese designer Sun Dayong, ‘Be a Bat Man’. This is easier than it sounds with no contribution required from you in creating the costume as Spiderman did. The ‘Be a Batman’ shield is more like a mobile safety device intended to save the human race from the virus outbreak using UV light to sterilise itself. This shield is made from carbon fiber and is shaped like bat wings that would be worn like a backpack. A PVC film would stretch between these supports, like the membrane of a bat’s wing. This frame consists of wires that heat up to a temperature high enough to kill any pathogens thus sterilising your environment.

For now the sun’s not shining on Sun Dayong who is looking for a backer. He also offers his services as a designer free of cost to someone who funds the project.

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[Via: Dezeen]

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