A gift for the ultimate Disney fan – A $29,000 limited edition Mickey Mouse figure

Disney fans will know that the company’s most recognizable and iconic character Mickey Mouse celebrates his 90th birthday this year. The character first appeared in the 1928 animated film Steamboat Willie and has captured the world’s imagination ever since. To celebrate this milestone, Dutch designer Marcel Wanders created his own version of the big eared mouse that’s adorned with his “One Minute Delft Blue” art style.

One Minute Mickey is made of resin and stands almost 55 inches tall. The figure is covered all over in the swirling abstract blue-on-white paint scheme that seems to combine the familiarity of the character with an artistic new element. Only 8 such figures have been created, each one handcrafted in a studio in Normandy.

As a finishing touch, each figure boasts a gold chrome nose which seems to reference the humor and irreverence of the world of Mickey and Disney. Each one is valued at something akin to 25,000 Euros (around $29,300 at current exchange). With only 8 units created, even collectors will have a difficult time scoring one of these pieces of art.


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