A Royal Affair: Have a look at Versace’s brand new $800 printed skateboard

It’s time to skateboard in style! In doing what it does best, Versace has recently launched an exclusive skater board that pays a perfect ode to all things regal. Priced at a grand $795, the sports accessory dons Greek-style designs alongside enchanting gold embellishments.

Unlike regular skateboards, Versace’s regal board features a deck that is adorned with intricate graphics on an all-white foundation. At the very core of the design is the label’s iconic Medusa logo surrounded by circular patterns of beads, wreaths, and flowers. The graphic includes accentuations in black along with motifs of a wreath and a crown at the extreme ends for a perfect royal touch.

The unique sports accessory is crafted using high-quality wood in Italy of course. It makes a great buy for sports enthusiasts or even collectors who’d fancy displaying the grand deck in their collection. The exclusive Versace skateboard is currently available for purchase online on versace.com as well as SSENSE’s website for a cool $795 USD. If you want to swoosh around in style (quite literally) – this one’s for you!

[Available at: Versace]

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