A tale of tones: Luxurylaunches picks its favorite artisan perfumes

From Dior to Cartier, to Yves Saint Laurent, every luxury house wants to make and sell them. Men, women, both want to own them, often spending a lot more on them than they would garments. Icons want them named after themselves. Perfumes are almost like fragrant legacies left behind by their famous creators, once they’re long gone. Of scent, sensuality and baccarat, here are our top picks from all over the world.

shalimar-indian-nights-guerlain7. Shalimar Indian Nights by Guerlain
The balmy blue calm of an Indian night is perfectly portrayed in this fragrance much as its Waltersperger and Gripoix designed sublime bottle. Guerlain’s first ever, special edition of the giant Shalimar glass bottle, it poorly conceals the suggestion of its equally voluptuous oriental notes, even as the neck boasts jewels in deep blue glass and iridescent pearls mounted on fine 24 carats gold. With only 40 numbered pieces available worldwide, the whopping 1.5l bottle is priced at $12,000 approx.

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