A $100,000 Hermes panda bear shaped out of discarded materials

It’s refreshing to know at least one design house believes in recycling and reusing. Luxury French design house Hermes has teamed up with several artists to create unique handmade accessories and toys from their discarded materials. Titled The Petit h, the collection consists of 2,200 items, including leather stuffed animals, doorstops, porcelain beaded bracelets, leather, and crocodile coffee cup holders. The most notable piece specifically made for New York is the calfskin panda bear with a hefty price tag of $100,000. The bamboo and crocodile swing could be the costliest of the collection as its price is not mentioned and will be revealed only on request. This collection will be exhibited in New York at their Madison Avenue store from November 2nd to 23rd. Overseen by Pascale Mussard, the Petit h collection sale will later be available in Paris, Berlin, and Hong Kong. For those who would rather not wait, 400 pieces from this collection will be available for sale on the Hermes website.


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