A gold purse worth $213,300, studded with diamonds, rubies and pearls unveiled in India

If you want to turn up as an Indian princess for a masquerade party, you need to carry a piece the Indian legacy along to pull off the perfect attire. And for that, you need the services of a skilled craftsman who knows the culture well. If you want your evening clutch to scream opulence, it does get better than this. Syed Farooq, from Bhopal, has come out with a purse described as a traditional Bhopali batua. The batua, which means wallet in Hindi, which is crafted in 850 grams of gold, comes set with 787 diamonds, 521 rubies totaling 89 carats, and 552 pearls Basra. 10 craftsmen took 35 days to finish the purse. Priced at $213,300, the purse was unveiled in a diamond exhibition at Bhopal, India, by actress Linda Arsenio and model Shahwar Ali.

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