A Gold silk cape made my millions of rare spiders

This magnificent cape believes it, or not was made from spider silk. Yes, you read it right, spider silk. After four years of persistent labor from the textile team at Godley & Peers, as well as the 1.2 million spiders, the finished one-of-a-kind cape is finally being displayed at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The cape is one of two golden spider silk textiles that exist in the world. The laboring Golden Orb spiders are a rare species found in Madagascar,r and only females were used in the process of harvesting this fabulous, vibrant, naturally yellow silk. Every morning spiders were collected by trained handlers and at the end of the workday, they were returned to the wild.

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Created by Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley, this cape boasts of being the longest piece of brocaded spider silk ever. In his statement Mr. Peers said “we are pleased and very proud to be adding a first to a museum with such a rich, long and illustrious history, and would like to think that we in turn can be an inspiration to others.”
Peers and Godley

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