Acqua di Parma launches Colonia Futura – A new unisex perfume made using 99% natural ingredients

If you’re intrigued by the ‘Art of Italian Living’, get yourself one of the scents by Acqua di Parma. The marquee has created innumerable perfumes inspired by the hues of Italy’s natural environs, with the latest being- Colonia Futura. A unisex blend, the novel fragrance captures the essence and art of the nation with a focus on sustainability.

With the new scent, Acqua di Parma embraces green living and brings to the table an invigorating product. Made with ingredients that are of 99% natural origin, the Colonia Futura features notes of fresh bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, pink pepper, lavender, sage, woods, and vetiver. The perfume adheres to the ISO16128 standard, an internationally recognized set of guidelines for the cosmetic industry that narrate what qualifies as natural and organic ingredients.

In addition to a natural composition, the scent features a packaging that has also been updated with recycled or recyclable materials. The cylindrical black cap of the bottle is made using completely recycled products, while its yellow exterior is created using recyclable cardboard. Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Futura will be available in Eau de Cologne and matching body products. If sustainable grooming is on your mind, you know where to look!

[Via: Wallpaper]

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