Affluent toddlers are the new muse of top notch designers

Here’s Juliet Sandler parading in a $650 dress and $400 shoes from Lanvin. If you thought Juliet was the only lucky kid in the neighborhood treated to the all-designer ensemble, you’re probably wrong! Her mother, Dara Sandler, says that she dresses her daughter in the latest fashions because her daughter reflects her. She has spent $10,000 on her summer wardrobe and is now geared up to spend a few more thousands for the fall collection. This is the notion that most rich/celebrity parents subscribe to as they believe that their kids have to be as stylish as they are to keep up the image.

It’s a big industry that many new fashion designers are capitalizing on, owing to the growing importance and focus on celebrity kids. Earlier, major designers like Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Christian Dior were the only ones focusing on high-end children’s wear, but lately, the list has been extended to upcoming fashion designers such as Marni, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani, and the likes.
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