Ale Feature Bracelet Pochette comes with exotic emu feathers

Sometimes a party can never be attended without that special accessory, which would make you stand out in the crowd. You may carry a purse with loads of diamonds and crystals on it, but you would still not stand out in the crowd because almost everyone has elegant purses. The new Ale Feature Bracelet Pochette comes layered with coque and emu feathers, making it completely stand out in the crowd. Emu is a rare bird that inhabits New Zealand, and it would give you a strange exotic and well-traveled look.

The purse could also be worn as a bracelet, and the bracelet is made of 18-carat gold. It is one of the most opulent purses a woman could carry with rich silk and satin lining. There are no diamonds or Swarovski crystals on this purse but rare bird feathers. That says it all and readies you to spend $2,195 on it without a second thought. You could also try other cool purses like the Telephone Purse and the Jeweled Purse which look pretty awesome too!
Via: Elite Choice

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