Alexander Wang makes a one of a kind dress composed of 500 American Express Gold Cards

The CFDA Awards always give us some memorable style moments every year. Last year it was Rihanna with her sheer Adam Selman Swarovski dress, this year it was German model Anna Ewers who donned an innovative Alexander Wang dress which was made from (wait for it…) American Express Gold Cards! Around 500 of the famous gold charge cards were used in the design which was a long sleeved mini dress, ”I love innovative techniques such as bonding, welding and other treatments that feel really modern and can entirely change the make of a garment”, Wang said.

The dress in close up.
The dress in close up.

Wang’s unique textile was of his own design and incorporates discs cut from AmEx cards. “We were exploring the concept of re-purposing iconic items, and the idea of the American Express card came up. I was fascinated with the idea of using the iconic Gold card as a starting point for a dress, and altering the shape and texture of the card into a fluid surface, similar to the chain mail that we used in our Fall 2015 collection”, said Wang. The final product is not at all as stiff or unyielding as you would expect, but allows for a flattering fit on the model’s body.
Incidentally, this isn’t the first time AmEx cards have been incorporated into red carpet fashion. Way back in 1995, Australian Costume designer wore a dress made from 254 American Express Gold cards to the 67th Academy Awards. Her dress was later auctioned off for charity.

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[Via – Forbes]

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